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          ABOUT US

          China's environmental protection floor glue leading brand

          Foshan Nanhai Bander Decoration Material Co.,Ltd, established in 1999.After 18 years development, Bander has become the modern decoration material manufacture and service provider specializing in researching , manufacturing, a quality product, covering an area of 10,000 square meters.
          Foshan Nanhai Bander Decoration Material Co.,Ltd, owns the Famous Brand “BANDER”, and its products are included in three series, such as the PVC floor and carpet adhesive, Bander self-leveling cement, and Bander water-proof mortar system. The three series include more than 30 kinds, and the products quality is excellent, technically minded and advanced, looking to lead and focus more on the Western market.
          After 10 years development, the technology is becoming more and more sophisticated, and the enterprise team is becoming more and more focused. The products are sold to many countries. Besides, Bander has the first-class research and development team, has equipped with a international advanced laboratory. The company has taken the customer as the most important position, and making the customer top priority, as we take great care and pride from start to finish, for a brighter future and a better environment.  

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