Q. How much do ILSATS’s services cost?
A. General tutoring starts at $150/hour while Standardized Test tutoring starts at $185/hour, for in-person sessions. All online tutoring (done via Web video) is given a 10% discount to the hourly rates. Further detailed rates are on a tier system depending upon your specific request of a tutor (associate or owner).

Q. Where do you tutor?
A. For our in-person sessions, our tutors come to you, all our sessions take place at the homes of our students. At the present, we are only servicing those households in the Manhattan area, though some Queens, Brooklyn, and outer borough areas are subject to tutor availability. Online tutoring can be done to anywhere that has an Internet connection.

Q. How long do your sessions average?
A. Academic tutoring sessions last anywhere from an hour to several hours. We recommend that Test Preparation sessions start at 1-hour. Sessions can go from once a week to several times a week depending upon the time constraints of test taking and work needed.

Q. When are your tutors available?
A. Tutors are available almost any time our students are interested…weeknight evenings and weekends, and each of our tutors makes him or herself available via cellphone or email for emergency help or if a student just needs a last second pep talk.

Q. Do you have a cancellation policy?
A. As our tutors’ time is in high demand, and rescheduling last minute is very hard to do, we require all cancellations to be called in 24-hours before the actual session or the session will be charged in full.

Q. What subjects do you tutor?
A. We tutor for standardized tests including the SAT and ACT for college, SAT II tests, and private and test-taking public school tests: SSAT, ISEE, and the SHSAT. All academic subjects are taught, from all levels of Math, to English and essay help, Sciences, and studying technique.

Q. How do you approach helping my son/daughter with his/her homework?
A. Each tutor works to guide his or her student towards becoming more comfortable with and achieving higher levels of academic work. We do not believe a tutor should ever do any work for the student, he or she is present to help him or her maximize his or her potential.

Q. Do you do ISEE tutoring?
A. Yes, as the ISEE, SSAT, TACHS, and S(S)HSAT have become important tests in the New York area, we have made a point to specialize in these school-specific standardized tests in order to prepare our students for the challenge of getting into the school of his or her choice.

Q. What is the difference between the SAT and the ACT, and how does my
son/daughter decide which test to take?

A. For a full analysis of the New SAT vs the ACT check out our in-depth edu-blog on the subject: The NEW SAT vs ACT Analysis.

The best way to decide which test your child should take is to have him/her take a proctored, practice ACT and SAT (we can arrange that for you) and compare the results as well as the experience of taking each test.  We will then sit down with you and help you decide which test to take.  Some students may choose to take both; however, this can be stressful.  That’s why it is important to sample both tests as early as possible, even before the start of junior year, and decide which one to focus on.  The prep approach is basically the same for both tests.

Q. Do you offer mock testing for the various tests?
A. Yes. This winter we will be offering online mock testing options. Spring of 2017 we will be restarting our in-person mock testing as well.