Lucem tuam intus proferens


ILSATS offers in-home one-on-one tutoring for all academic subjects and standardized tests in the Manhattan area. We pride ourselves in making our students the most important aspect of our sessions; to us, a student’s understanding of the material and problem-solving technique is of the utmost importance.

We approach each session by identifying the problem areas of the student, planning student-specific programs, and then re-evaluating problem areas throughout the course of the sessions.



Our belief is that each student is unique, as is each of our tutors. Our tutors come from a variety of backgrounds, all with the highest level of educational training. We believe that what helps most is that connection a tutor and a student has that creates a level of trust that fosters a healthy learning environment.



We use the same materials as the test makers. If the test is a College Board test, we are most likely teaching with the College Board Study Guide or published tests. We do bring in additional material depending on what each student needs.


We specialize in Academic Tutoring, 
Test Preparation, and Admission Aid advising.