Time for Parents to Step Up

Usually we have role models in society that teach us to be better than ourselves, to strive for more, and to tout skills that are applicable to the growing community around us. We find those traits in teachers and we find that in some well-known Science personalities. For the first time in almost a decade, we have a president that is not a role model to the youth, especially in education — his most visible communications are tweets that are riddled with grammatical and spelling errors and many of his speeches either do not keep on a single argumentative topic or devolve into ad hominem attacks (both are taught as what NOT to do in any debate or speech class). We have celebrities pushing anti-vaccine arguments without having done the proper research to know that the one study they rely on has been debunked and the author admitted to manipulating the data. We have an NBA player who just came out and says that he believes the Earth is flat.

So, it is on you, parents, to step up even more than you are already doing, and support and supplement the teachers that are teaching your children. You are the role model that is in your child’s life ever single day, and it is now time for you to lead even more so by your example. Teach your child what proofreading is. Teach your child that spelling matters. Teach your child what respect for others means. Because unless you are fabulously wealthy and your child does not need to interact in the world as most normal individuals in society do, those are skills that will garner them respect by others and help them succeed in the world.

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