How to Speed Read

I am a slow reader. It is a fact. I have always been slow, though I guess I most likely was slower in the past and faster now. That said, we all want to be able to read more material in less time, and be able to remember it all. Unfortunately, unless you have a photographic memory or are Johnny-Five from the movie “Short Circuit”, you are out of luck in the idea that you can just flip through pages of a book rapidly and retain everything.

There are numerous “learn to speed read” courses out there, and techniques pitched as being better than their competitors, HOWEVER, yes, there is a big “however”, speed reading, in its current form, may not be all its cracked up to be.

Check out this very interesting report on a study that looks at the ability to “speed read” and retain information. The study finds that the faster you are able to “read” (often more of a “glance”) at the text, the less you are able to retain. There was one way that was found to improve speed while maintaining retention … reading more. The more you read, the better your vocabulary becomes and the more familiar you are with common words and phrases; the more familiar you are with something, the faster you are able to digest it and retain it in your memory. SO, to conclude, if you want to become more of a speed reader, break out a book and just read more.

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